Zambonis Members Branch Out With Donald Trump Spoof ‘Mr. Drumpf’


Inspired by John Oliver’s brilliantly constructed takedown of Donald Trump on “Last Week Tonight,” Connecticut musicians Dave Schneider and Tim Walsh called themselves Last Beat Tonight and wrote and recorded “Mr. Drumpf,” a new song mocking the probable Republican nominee for president.

“He’s got nothing to say about the KKK/ He’s Mr. Drumpf,” begins the song, which calls Trump a racist, notes his “evil baby hands” and even works in a hokey-pokey reference — a children’s song that is a fitting corollary to an increasingly childish Republican primary season.

The track came together quickly, of course — so quickly that the accompanying lyric video includes a couple of typos. “Written Monday night and recorded while bouncing in and out of our day jobs on Tuesday,” says Schneider, who also plays with Walsh in the Bridgeport hockey-themed band the Zambonis and the Leevees. They made a lyric video, and a Bandcamp page, “in a slightly buzzed state of joy from creating music from thin air and also from other organic products,” Schneider says. “I blame both of these things on my misspelling of ‘racism’ and ‘pigeon’ in the video.”

Last Beat Tonight vows to only perform the song once, hopefully “as the credits roll on ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.'”

Making Donald drumpf again, indeed.

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